Romero Lubambo :: Brazilian Jazz Guitarist Extraordinaire

"Lubambo, one of Brazilian jazz's premier fingerstylists, is the main attraction... brilliant, rhythmically inventive single-note playing."   — David R. Adler, All Music magazine

Praise & Accolades

What critics are saying about Romero Lubambo:

"This guitarist is a magician with an unmistakable blend of jazz, Brazilian music and perfection."

— Felix Contreras, NPR

"A typical Lubambo performance is packed with a winning combination of raw energy, finesse and deeply intuitive, spur-of-the-moment calls that give every take its own sparkling personality."

— Mark Holston, Jazziz

" is a must for all fans of Brazilian guitar and the purest expression of Lubambo's art to date."

— DownBeat

"Guitarist Romero Lubambo may be the best practitioner of his craft in the world today... [his] facility, creativity and energy are in a class all their own."

— Jazziz

"Romero is the best Brazilian guitarist there is."

— Herbie Mann

" absolute wizard of post-bop acoustic jazz..."

— Diane Gordon, Acoustic Guitar

"Lubambo is a masterful guitarist who writes seductive songs."

— Thomas Conrad, JazzTimes

"Guitarist Romero Lubambo takes melody, rhythm, and harmony and fuses them into one soaring entity, always assuming a forward-looking posture."

David R. Adler, All Music

"Equally facile on electric and acoustic, Lubambo has become one of the most frequently recorded guitarists in the world..."

— Mark Holston, Guitar Player

Articles, Concert and CD Reviews

News and reviews for Romero Lubambo's recordings and live performances:

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