Romero Lubambo :: Brazilian Jazz Guitarist Extraordinaire

"Equally facile on electric and acoustic, Lubambo has become one of the most frequently recorded guitarists in the world..."   — Mark Holston, Guitar Player magazine

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Quase Memória - Edú Lobo, Romero Lubambo and Mauro Senise

"Romero is the best Brazilian guitarist there is."

— Herbie Mann

"Quase Memória (Almost Memory)" completes the trilogy that brought together Edú Lobo, Romero Lubambo and Mauro Senise on the albums "Every Feeling" and "Dos Navegantes," which won a Latin Grammy in 2017. In addition to the title track, the CD features the unreleased tracks "Silence," "Peregrine" and "Neverland," which was recorded only once by Boca Livre.

"Almost Memory" was composed by Edú when he read Carlos Heitor Cony's novel of the same name many years ago. At the time of choosing the repertoire, Edú's full memory rescued "Almost Memory" to name the new album. Edú, with a young voice (despite his 76 years) and clear tone ringing with tenderness and compassion, is here at his peak. The vocal strength of the album does not intimidate its instrumental strengths; on the contrary, the music instigates it as Senise and Lubambo, the other protagonists of the trilogy, surpass their previous performances here.

On the album: 
1. O Dono Do Lugar
2. Terra Do Nunca
3. As Mesmas Histórias
4. Lábia
5. Rosinha
6. Branca Dias
  7. Canudos
  8. Peregrina
  9. Senhora Do Rio
10. Siléncio
11. Quase Memória

Sampa — the Romero Lubambo Trio

"This guitarist is a magician with an unmistakable blend of jazz, Brazilian music and perfection."

— Felix Contreras, NPR

Not many musicians are more enthusiastic about performance and collaboration than Romero Lubambo.

The virtuoso guitarist has been based in the United States for decades but regularly makes it back to his native Brazil for innumerable projects with musicians of all sorts.On one of these trips, Lubambo met drummer Thiago Rabello. The Rio de Janeiro born Lubambo was greatly impressed by the percussionist from São Paulo during a weeklong residency in Bahia. So when the guitarist was scheduled to perform in São Paulo shortly thereafter, he naturally reached out to Rabello to be his drummer and to help find a bassist. It was with the suggestion and addition of Sidiel Vieira that Lubambo’s Brazilian trio became whole.

In Rabello and Vieira, Lubambo found two musicians who are excellent players and fantastic people. Upon his arrival in Brazil, Lubambo found that his trio mates had not only learned his music but had memorized it, requiring only one rehearsal before they were able to take their music on the road. The trio’s rapport can be heard on their new recording Sampa, an energetic and diverse program recorded in São Paulo (the title being a local colloquialism for the city’s name) at Rabello’s recording studio.

Listen to "Estamos Aí" from Romero's new CD "Sampa"

On the album: 
1. Song for Kaya
2. Gostoso Demais
3. Estamos Aí
4. Contrato de Separação
5. New Slash Blues
6. Paquito In Bremen (for Paquito
  7. P'Ro Flavio (for my
  8. Nature's Beauty
  9. Dipper Mouth
10. Luisa (for my Daughter)
11. For Donato (for João

Setembro — A Brazilian Under The Jazz Influence

Romero Lubambo's "Setembro — A Brazilian Under The Jazz Influence" is a fabulous aural portrait of a musician who bridges the divide between jazz and Brazilian popular music, and between acoustic and electric jazz guitar.

"Setembro" brings Romero's influences full circle, as he performs jazz standards, tunes from legendary Brazilian composers, and his own compositions.

Listen to "Days of Wine and Roses" from Romero's CD "Setembro"

On the album: 
1. Influência Do Jazz (Under The
    Jazz Influence)
2. Darn That Dream
3. Meditação
4. Joana Francesa
5. Muriqui
6. Setembro
  7. All The Things You Are
  8. Nira
  9. Lukinha
10. Love Letters
11. Days Of Wine And Roses
12. Preciso Aprender A Ser

Exclusive "Setembro" European Release with Artwork by Elizabeth Arlt

Edition Longplay in Germany has released a limited-edition, audiophile high-quality recording of "Setembro" featuring exclusive artwork by Elizabeth Arlt entitled "Close Your Eyes."

Learn more at the Edition Longplay website

SÓ: Brazilian Essence

"Só: Brazilian Essence" captures Romero's on-stage energy and spontaneity in a solo recording... his first new release in eight years!

" is a must for all fans of Brazilian guitar and the purest expression of Lubambo's art to date."

— Allen Morrison, DownBeat (May 2014)

Listen to "Aquarela Do Brasil" from Romero's CD "Só"

On the album: 
1. Aquarela Do Brasil
2. Brigas Nunca Mais
3. Paquito In Bremen
4. Pedra Bonita
5. Você E Eu
6. Song for Kaya
7. Luisa
  8. Coisa Mais Linda
  9. Insensatez
10. Samambaia
11. By The Stream
12. A Felicidade
13. Laura


"Rejoice" is a compilation of tracks from three of Romero's CDs on the Aosis Records label in Japan

Featuring Pamela Driggs with Cesar Camargo Mariano, Gild Goldstein, Jose Lourenco, Leon Pendarvis, Sergio Brandao, Artur Maia, Marcelo Mariano, Nilson Matta, Kip Reed, Carlos Bala, Rocky Bryant, Dudka da Fonseca, Ricky Sebastian, Mark Walker, Marcio Bahia and Cyro Baptista

Listen to "Sally's Tomato" from Romero's CD "Rejoice"

On the album: 
1. By the Brook
2. Cafe
3. Route 66
4. O que é Amar
5. Fly So High
6. The Ducks
7. Sally's Tomato
8. Heaven Here
9. Lukinha
10. Deixa
11. Re:Joyce

MAX Jazz Records, 2006

Softly online...
On the album: 
1. Vitoriosa
2. Just the Two of Us
3. Nature's Beauty
4. Ingenuo
5. Vieste
6. Fly So High
7. In the Wee Small Hours
8. Heaven Here
9. Comin' Home Baby
10. I Fall in Love Too Easily
11. By the Stream
12. Pamela Elaine
13. Happy Madness
14. Time After Time
Rio de Janeiro Underground

Featuring Herbie Mann & Ivan Lins
Produced by Atsushi "Sushi" Kosugi
AOSIS RECORDS Produced by Hiroshi Shinkawa & Toshyia Kamada, 2003

Rio de Janeiro Underground online...
On the album: 
1. She Walks This Earth
2. Easy Going
3. Rio de Janeiro Underground
4. For Donato
5. Aparecida
6. Cornfield
7. Dipper Mouth
8. Estrela Guia
9. Sweeping The Chimney
10. Leblon
11. Avenida Central
12. Nira
Rio Wave

Brazilian Nights featuring Romero Lubambo
Q Records, 2002

Rio Wave online...
On the album: 
1. Rio Wave
2. Mairzy Doats
3. From Brooklyn to Brazil
4. It's You
    (featuring Curtis Stigers)
5. Salt Song
    (featuring Michael Brecker)
6. Triste
    (featuring Jane Monheit)
7. Boa Vista Drive
    (featuring Steve Cole)
8. Hobimiana
9. Bahia
    (featuring Gato Barbieri)
10. By the Stream
11. On the Edge
    (featuring Herbie Mann)
Brazilian Routes

Produced by Atsushi "Sushi" Kosugi
AOSIS RECORDS Produced by Hiroshi Shinkawa & Toshyia Kamada, 2001

Brazilian Routes online...
On the album: 
1. Love for Sale
2. Pamela Elaine
3. Route 66
4. O Que e Amar
(What It Is to Love?)
5. Sally's Tomato
6. Correnteza
7. Luisa
Love Dance

Produced by Atsushi "Sushi" Kosugi
AOSIS RECORDS Produced by Hiroshi Shinkawa & Toshyia Kamada, 2000

Love Dance online...
On the album: 
1. By The Brook
2. NOS
3. Valencia I
4. Love Dance
5. The Look of Love
6. Re:Joyce

Produced by Romero Lubambo
Executive Producer John Zorn
AVAN, 1997

Lubambo online...
On the album: 
1. Bachiao
2. P'ro Flavio
3. Ceero
4. By the Brook
5. Nira
6. Trio da Paz
7. Theme (#1)
8. Batida Diferente
9. Pamela Elaine
10. For Raphael
11. Magalha Blues
12. Valencia 1

Collaborations  |  Romero Lubambo & Friends

Dos Navegantes




Brazilian Nights

Brazilian Duos


Rio Days, Rio Nights


Coisa Fina

Infinite Love

Face to Face

Shades of Rio


Camniho de Casa

Trio Da Paz  |  Romero Lubambo, Nilson Matta & Duduka da Fonseca


Live at JazzBaltica




Partido Out

Black Orpheus


from the Inside

Romero Lubambo: The Complete Discography
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